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irreplaceable yet unnecessary
leave me in your retrospect
where you found me, unwanted & with a question mark over my head
or a Matchstick, maybe
I'm the fire you started &
couldn't put out
the one you doused &
the One you'll freeze without.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 13 4
xx by londonrey xx :iconlondonrey:londonrey 4 1 between green and grey by londonrey between green and grey :iconlondonrey:londonrey 0 3
Night Less
your sleeves drip
reflected constellations
into pools on this rooftop garage
yellow lines between
our feet make the
imposter stars whiter
i will the parking spaces to
or for this separation to mean less to me
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 16 25
symptomatic of attachment by londonrey symptomatic of attachment :iconlondonrey:londonrey 4 7
words are shadows. our
sooty followers, b(l)ack
willing captives:
we ache for abuse
chest deep in lava & she wades
deeper in hopes
her name will fly
frantic from your lips
enslaved to your inattention
words are wounds, clumsy
self-scars &
you are the penknife in my right hand
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 32 34
& she prefered her hind leg caught in those
greedy teeth
her trapp-ed-ness : her happiness
his puncture marks & their bittersweet ooze
to hold her; to let her
in her last moments
belong to him
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 20 18
young yellow lines down this, her street
streaked. smudged, maybe.
split. splayed, yet
neon under quivering stars
no el
[a journey, a war, a sickness
a pizza, a joke, a kiss]

hardly shelter
like wishing for longer sleeves
against the bite of the chill
of s p a c e
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 32 32
Visibility, His Ability
twin forearm saplings
in a Spring frenzy they shatter each metacarpal
Gypsy bones won't contain this reckless green fever.
In Realtime let's grow fonder,
no sense in [still] waiting [still] for daylight to move the shade over to us.
This sky doesn't end;
your eyes stop it
Pray tell:
What keeps you rooted
Keeps you from me
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 30 43
Upon Returning
This is just exactly what I saw
Only it looks better in the inside of my head.
You see, the tracks from my brain to my fingers only run one way & they're bloody things, well worn & under-nourished.
Not unlike the faces of starving children.
There's a vacant teepee.
It reminds me of a used firecracker,
just a shell of something brilliant,
the casing of something that used to be more of a something.
Makes me think- we all need some company on the inside to make us whole.
Anyway, the teepee shrugged in the wind & flapped open,
ashes from the inside flew out & swarmed my gasping mouth like
vultures to the freshly dead.
They tasted just like the air around you,
delicately apprehensive.
I crawled through the mire with no pretence of grace.
I choked out "no" as the ashes cluttered my throat,
as I fell up into oblivion.
Can it really  be considered the past if I'm still sweating from it,
still coughing it up?
The word "tomorrow" summons a chorus of "yesterday's" from the back of the
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 32 57
Gonna Soar
caught me a birdie&broke
her birdie neck, hollow-boned,
sounded more like a crinkle than a snap
really you'd hardly be sure it were
until you've got its
dead head
in your unregretful hand
gonna braid her wings into my hair,
gonna raise her birdie babies as my own,
gonna jump off this cliff with them in arms,
gonna soar.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 39 74
London Ray by londonrey London Ray :iconlondonrey:londonrey 3 37
warm champagne for my insides
vos me caes
Autumn's daylight sliding down my throat-
seeping in through the holes in my skin until my kidneys glow
waves-like-wings to carry me cos
i've dreamt of soaring this underworld
with heavy limbs &
f o u r  in-this-moment eyes,
keeping "Far" far away
Let's don't quite recall the deep breaths we took, only why we took them.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 39 65
lava eyes
why you aimed them at me
grass gone to seed, she
lets Summer's heavy breath slither in through her pores
love's eyes
lover's eyes
he watched her brain melt and seep
through his
w i d e s p r e a d  fingers
& these webs that could not hold held what could not catch hold
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 38 92
Shelf Life
steampunk brains whirring
come west, translucent boy!
your press-on googly eyes will lodge
in my voice boxsee i self-strum with sincerity
while your shell is yet a bud
plop off this dock
trust the wise lake
trust me to deal gentlyrecoil not; remember not
no blame to leave to die a thing already dead.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 22 51
My Dear Peter,
There is a masterpiece: internal and wicked, laser-scrawled and syllable-heavy. It surfaces slowly, like pond scum. I often scrape at it industriously, collecting pieces and bits in the spaces between periods and capital letters, on the back of receipts, and on the college-ruled lines of composition notebooks.  
Were it set to music we would find it minor-keyed and shocking. Yes. Let's make this happen, if only to say we succeeded in a single thing, together. There is room in my cerebellum for the both of us to grow: crookedly, zigzaggedly. For us each to lean in, your left cheekbone will pin that half of my shrug down. We will no doubt find ourselves swaying in circles as if we were cut out and pasted back onto that overcrowded dance floor. I would hold back motions and words for the first time in my life, letting you lead. Ah, but words are not lyrics when they're left to bleed out on winter's bike paths. I wander worn synaptic trails, wringing my hands and h
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 34 71

Random Favourites

it's indie not ivy by amongstotherthings it's indie not ivy :iconamongstotherthings:amongstotherthings 41 13
we might glow in the dark
i stare into your silhouette
watching your movements glide as if guided,
with the trail of light-graffiti left by the tip of your cigar
slicing across the darkening horizon of trees flecked with foxfire
from the blooming bioluminescent ghosts of mushrooms
while the luciferin-flaunting lightning bugs exhale July
& i am caught betwixt the ground and a distant galaxy
you shut the lights
and darkness impales the air as it rushes in on raven's wings
and i look for the moon on the white painted sky  
amid the plastic glowing stars and textured ceiling tiles.
instead i find the over-beating glow of your engine-heart
and i wonder what you want from me –  
i'm just t-shirt girl with doorframe body & toothy gas station smiles
my words bleeding through the wallpaper which clings to the wall saying
"i need you. i need you"
but sometimes i believe i don't deserve you
sometimes it takes more than the jellyfish glow of my cellphone
as it rings with your name digitally a
:iconstarlight-silence:starlight-silence 14 10
whisper words.
she always had muf-
fin crumbs
framing her lips,
and scarlet rouge
across her fore-
her eyes held
whisper words
and secret
no one ever knew her name.
:iconmercy-waters:Mercy-Waters 11 8
one to one hundred
once upon a time, i didn't believe in sleep,
     [just in paint splatters, midnight winds and ignoring time differences.]
once upon a time, i knew there was more to life
     [than sparkly nailpolish, final exams and white shoes that turn gray anyway.]
once upon a time, i thought that wishes came true,
     [now i know there's a lot even 1000 paper cranes can't solve.]
once upon a time, i tried running away,
     [to australia, atlantis, neverland – anywhere but here.]
once upon a time, i was just a little girl -
     and you could still make me cry.
:iconwanderinghere:WanderingHere 43 49
and now -
[1] today i waited and waited and waited, and you never said anything beautiful at all.
      [2] today i clicked 'i'm feeling lucky' on google. the screen went blank except for two words  - are you?
      [3] today i saw a man planting daffodils beside the highway. i asked why. he told me yellow was the color of happiness.
      [4] today an old woman patted my cheek with a wrinkly hand and told me everything was going to be all right, after all.
      [5] today a boy i see everyday on the ten-fifteen bus to central station told me i had beautiful eyes.
      [6] today i wrote 'i love you' in twentysix languages, each somewhere in the city. i didn't want to exclude anyone.
      [7] today i fell down the stairs. I scraped my knee, but i was okay.
      [8] today when i
:iconwanderinghere:WanderingHere 335 253
I often imagine you
being absorbed into the sun,
filtered through the clouds,
and strained through the rain.
The sun reflects its bright warmth
against your pallid structure;
your hair is its mirror.
But a contrasting darkness
flows through your veins.
I hear the demons in you laughing,
with my head pressed to your chest.
They're sledding through your arteries,
and bounce with every beat of your heart,
whispering poems of livid gore
and pleasurable manslaughter.
But the darkness cannot overtake you;
Your heart's walls are warm yet solid,
and cannot be pierced.
The demons climb your elastic spine
and pull themselves into your brain.
The sun sinks through your skull and creates poetry,
and the creatures twist it and ignite it amber gold.
The specks of light launch themselves
through your retinas and land in your hazel irises.
The sparks ignite a flame in you.
Your body grows warm;
Fever dulls the demons,
and I am allowed to lay with you.
As the demons murmur,
silence ensues.
Reach into m
:iconi-am-i-am-i-am:I-am-I-am-I-am 1 34
Mature content
Sprinkles and water. :iconsm26:sm26 21 9
Recollection of a lunch date
Eating tofu after prayer
                                     you seemed frameable
I looked down and saw too late,
                                     my elbow on the table
:iconvintageisabel:VintageIsabel 6 20
Oh, The Deafening Silence by BurnThisLetter Oh, The Deafening Silence :iconburnthisletter:BurnThisLetter 1 4
A Hug I Would Kill For
I had a dream about you, the other night.
(I think it was a nightmare, because you left again.)

I still smell you, from time to time. Is that weird? I'll wake up in the middle of the night, and right before I wake up, I'll see your face. Then I'll hear your voice. Then my eyes'll open, and you won't be there, but your smell will. So strongly that I'd swear you were right across the room. Or sometimes, I'll be sitting in English, and someone will mention something that reminds me of you (though, to be honest? everything reminds me of you, now), and you'll just flood my senses. I think that happens when you love somebody. Or when you're going crazy.
You hugged me (I've never felt anything more real in my life), and said (promised) you'd be back.
One time, in the middle of eighth grade, Rebecca said you promised you'd kiss me before you left. I don't think you'd break a promise, though. She probably made it up because she felt bad my heart was c
:iconparagonphoenix:ParagonPhoenix 12 19
How can I forget
The warm buzz of a guzzle of rum fills me while I'm cradled by your tissue bones.
I whisper.   I love you... I love you...
I love you too.
No, really... I mean it... I love you.
He tells you that you have pretty eyes and it warms my nerves. He's so right.
Let's capture a picture to forever remember your pretty eyes.
I wish we knew how to dance.
We're dangling feet over the stairs, our backs against a blanketed couch.
My esophagus filled with fire pixies,
my cranium crawling with leg-tickling-ants.
I want to whisper how I feel again.
We are under strange blankets with pillows. It's not our house, but we're together. Our silk feet are twisted together.
Hands held, whispers together.
For the first time I really get to drift in the scent of you. And I never want to forget.
How could I forget?
You really did whisper my name.
:iconpagesofdreams:PagesOfDreams 20 54
Michigan summers.
It is dusk and we are tired, or maybe this is the sunrise and we've been here all night, sharing stolen white rum and cigarettes and secrets. We lose time in this field in the hills, when our parents think we're sleeping but we are climbing too-tall trees and howling with coyotes and telling ourselves that tonight, we can be complete again. We are blood, this boy and I, we are natives in a sea of pilgrims and we do not yet speak their tongue; we are the dark eyed children who scream at night when they can no longer hear.
As our smoke clears, I tell him the names of every constellation my crippled mind can remember and he tells me that six hours away, a girl is pregnant and he doesn't love her. He sings me a song of our childhood, and I tell him what it's like to be in love when no one else can know. We forget we're too old for this, and cry along side the crickets while for one second, the world stops turning beneath us. In this moment, we can pretend we are eight again, sobbing over s
:iconsirenseranade11:sirenseranade11 42 22
head smashed in
johnny, the angles and
pride and limbs that are
you hit me like the wind.
i swear even your toes are freckled.
tell me the fairy tales your
mama told you about the
moon, and the fibs your
brother told you about girls.
o gawd Johnny, i made the
bed fresh for you and you
don't even want my beautiful white
body. the close-mouthed
radio crackle swells the
silence to point of bursting.
i watch you eat. i watch
you breathe. god you breathe
pretty, johnny. (i loved you
the moment i knew you waited the whole
damn year for oranges.) the
sky's angry johnny, angrier
than you. or even me.
she's roaring and tossing and
turning, she's rolling out thunder
and knocking down trees. and o
gawd the old man down the street's wailing
for his wife to come home.
the purple in my veins belongs
to you. the beating in my chest
belongs to you but you belong to
gracie's ribbons and the black of
the night and you'll never be mine.
i don't own a single freckle of you so johnny
just give me tonight.
:iconreverberations:Reverberations 29 33
small spaces, little world
the last time i saw you we were smoking in the field across from your mama's place. we were barefoot and you were only seventeen. we laughed too loud and cried too hard and felt too much and i haven't seen you for one year.
august | you left on the eleventh. your mama called me up and asked if i'd seen you and i said "no ma'am, is he missing?" you were.
september | i wrote you letters. i wrote you letters and told you how the moon was blurring with the stars and maybe they didn't love me. maybe they were cold and hard and empty. i told you about strawberries and banana pancakes at three in the morning and how my little sister was growing up curious about everything. you were so smart. i hope you still are, i hope you didn't knock out all the good cells in your head.
october | i stopped smoking. i stopped trying to remember your smell and i finally washed the dress i wore last time you loved me. i stopped eating so much, i stopped breathing so much. october was about when i decided i wa
:iconreverberations:Reverberations 20 30





London Ray
United States
Current Residence: The hearts of the hopeless
Favourite genre of music: alt/rock/pop/r&b/rap/indie/punk/emo/techno/folk
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Jake the dog
Ello my lovelies.
I will now proceed to feed you a bunch of bullcrap about how I feel the need to create a new account with less baggage associated with it. I'm not a "new person" or anything so ridiculous as that.. I just feel lighter without all these scrawlings.

I've been away, and I've made a promise to myself to stop making promises. That being said, follow me if you want. Read my crap. I love you. (:


p.s. I'm not deleting this account. It will stay, like a framed picture of me from my childhood.
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